Call me crazy but always wanted to build a pool


May 8, 2015
A buddy of mine has wanted a pool for some time and he is a DIY type of guy. He has construction knowledge (home builder) and I worked in the pool industry back when I was in college many moons ago. We decided to build his pool together. We plan on doing as much as possible ourselves but of course will sub out gunite and plaster. In fact gunite is scheduled next Tuesday. We started digging hole last weekend and now we are starting the plumbing. I wanted to share our experience as we go through the process but also hope to gain some knowledge from the forum.

I will attempt to attach the rough draft of the pool plans. Any suggestions for where returns should go? We have two skimmers. One at top northwest corner and one at the bottom southeast corner. 90% of the year we have strong SE winds. There will be a sundeck with two bubbler returns and stirs built into the sundeck. The pool is designed for volleyball with very competitive water volleyball games weekly to be played :cool:

This is my first attempt to post anything so please forgive me. I would add signature with equipment but not sure yet what we will use exactly.



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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
I wish I had that dirt too.....skidsteer to dig is unreal. Nothing wrong w nice forms the reason u diy isn't so much for money as it is for perfection. U can't rly pay someone to do the details u want done right. Nice job so far I'm jealous I'm in a clay mud pit here w my build