California Pool Fence/Alarm Requirements


Apr 19, 2017
Hello, can someone help provide the fence/gate and house door (leading to the backyard) requirements and specifications?

My understanding is the door is to swing out towards the street, an alarm is needed, etc. trying to find the exact specification on the gate height, latch height, alarm, etc.

Thanks in advance.


TFP Expert
Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
California Health and Safety Code Section 115920 and following set out the requirements for RESIDENTIAL POOLS.

They can be found here:

Health & Safety Code.

Acceptable enclosures are in H&S section 115923.

Article 2.5 has some drafting issues but it probably can't be modified by local entities, only interpreted. So these requirements apply from Alturas to La Jolla and Bodie to Pacific Grove.
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