Calcium hardness and vinyl liners


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Aug 25, 2013
If true they are basically the same cost. So your comments that cal-hypo is "so, so much cheaper" can't be true at the same time.
Thanks for your reply Poolzz. I understand what you mean, but the "so, so much cheaper" aspect applies in my case as I would be able to use a 50 lb. container of Cal-Hypo 73% for at least two seasons. As far as I know the chlorine in Cal-Hypo does not deteriorate, and as we know the chlorine % in Liquid Chlorine does. So, the approx. $140 Cal-Hypon container cost divided by 2 seasons = $70 per season on chlorine. Versus, the 12% Ocean State Job Lot Super Shock (but really tested-out to already have deteriorated to be 10%) @ $2.99 per bottle = $120 that I have spent this season alone so far.

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The cloudy water can result either when initially adding the CalHypo or when a level hits to high. I’ve never experienced it myself so I cannot say exactly what causes it. The only way to lower CH levels however is by adding fresh water from a drain/refill.

While on paper your math may pan out, I’d be very cautious. Only replenishing 1ppm FC per day is extremely rare on the forum as most are seeing a FC demand of 2–4ppm. It may work out for you, but if it does I’d also suggest playing the lotto as you’re on the lucky end.

If I may toss out a request,
Your issues are somewhat different than the OP’s of this thread. If you wish further advice I’d love to help ya, but we also wanna keep this thread on track. If you will, can you start a new thread so we can keep the advice personalized and the topics on track.
Leebo, thank you for your reply and help! I'm sorry, I thought my questions would be a fit for this topic's title.

And whoohooo...I didn't know I was lucky...but I do keep record of my tests (have for years) and this season my daily FC need is to increase 1ppm (to 2ppm). I do pretty regular CYA tests as well, especially with rains, hot days, etc.

I will certainly consider starting a thread of my own. Thanks for the advice. The thread my have a similar sounding title, if that is okay.