Builder says pool depth cant be 3' 6" from waterline

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Jun 22, 2009
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I think you'll be fine. You can always run the water level near the top of the skimmer and it'll be fine.

I actually like that the builder calls out the actual depth instead of panel height. That tells me that they're not trying to fool you.


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Aug 10, 2017
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You need 2 more returns. 1 in the panel to the right of the return panel in deep end amd one in lower right where stair panel is on side with skimmer. Also I see a single skimmer. I'm not a fan of a single suction point. Either low wall dual drains or another skimmer is what I would do. If a pool noodle, toy, debris got into skimmer you could run pump dry easily especially if your not home or away


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May 23, 2012
That's too bad. I had the same thought and in one side of my sports pool I had it dug to 4.4' so the water would not be at waist level. The side slopes were easy to do, but there was a slight slope on the back that the pool crete guys had a hard time doing. It got done though. I enjoy the extra depth being 5'11" and hang out on that side if I am not floating.

Pool depth.PNG
Thanks everyone I will mention all this to builder and most likely approve drawing once he clarifies some of your points about returns , skimmers ect, just glad I got the depths I was looking for and a slope that's at roughly 19 degrees is nice instead of a sharp drop. Mid September dig.