Builder quoting KK Sandshark in New build Yay or Nay?


Aug 19, 2013
Pool builder is quoting us the pentair KK sandshark in a our new 15x33 gunite/plaster rectangular pool. Is this a good cleaner or should I go with a different pentair unit? Thankz!


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I believe you are stretching the capacity of that cleaner in a 15 x 33 pool.

You pay for cleaning power when you buy an auto-vac. That's a pretty good size pool and the KK might spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to get it clean which might mean some extra pump run time.

You will get more bang for your buck with a smaller robot but it will cost more (perhaps around 800). A pressure side cleaner is also an option but it will come in around the same price as a robot and I think the robot has some advantages over the pressure side.

Have you read the auto-vac article in Pool School?

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