Bugs in pool!


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Dec 26, 2019
Conroe, Tx
Hey guys,

I am a new pool owner in Houston, Texas. So far everything has been great and is going to plan.

Yesterday morning it started raining and did not really stop till this morning. So far I have only seen moderate bugs in the skimmer that I would expect. This morning, however, when I went to clean the skimmer I was shocked to see thousands of small fly like bugs in the skimmers. They are also all along the water line sticking to the tile and look like scum.

Firstly, is this normal for this time of the year in Houston?
Second, if it’s not normal what can I do?
Thirdly, does anyone know what they are?


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Bugs this time of year are normal. Various types migrate all year long (beetles, ants, boatman, etc). Best you can do is use a skimmer sock to help capture them before they get to the filter. Really doesn't have much to do with water chemistry as even the cleanest TFP pool is attractive to insects. They know good water when they see it. :) :swim:
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Dec 26, 2019
Conroe, Tx
Thanks for the quick response Pat. I thought it may be normal but seeing it for the 1st time shocked me a little. I do have skimmer socks on so hopefully that will do the job.
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Apr 10, 2018
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They're springtails. They nest in moist areas of the backyard like mulch and bark and crawl/jump into the pool. You can search TFP for more info or check out THIS and check out this link. You can use various types of spray or granular insecticides to control them. I get them in late summer. I used Talstar P Professional spray last year which did a good job of controlling them. This year, I'm gonna try a Talstar granular. The stuff is pretty potent at 1 oz per gallon. 3-year shelf life and pet safe after it dries. It can even be used indoors for cracks and crevices. Does a great job of controlling pincher bugs (earwigs), ants, and spiders too.
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Aug 21, 2019
Houston, TX
I’m also in the area and have had great results with Talstar P. I typically treat the perimeter of my house and property line, spot treat inside.. our pool is only a couple months old but I’ve seen a lot of mole crickets in the skimmer the last few days.. DoMyOwn.com is a great resources for contractor grade pesticide/herbicides if you prefer DIY.
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