Brownish-orange dust settling at bottom of pool :-(


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Jul 11, 2016
Morning friends!! This stuff on the bottom of my pool is driving me absolutely nuts and nothing seems to make it go away. I know the pictures show it as brown, but in real life it has a very good orange color to it, almost like a true rust color. I do have well water and I am not sure if this is metals settling to the bottom. I have run my cleaner everyday with a fine mesh bag and it'll look clear for the day but settles back in the crevices at night. I have tried brushing it to the deep end so that the bottom skimmers can filter it out but it just keeps coming back and its driving me crazy. The water is crystal clear and I have done overnight tests and the number is identical in the morning so there appears to be no chlorine loss overnight. It does not look like algae to me, but I am not 100%. When I brush it, it is just a fine powder that clouds to the deep and eventually settles back to the bottom, but like I said its super orange when you look at it in the bottom of the shallow end, even though on the sides it does look brown.

Just wondering if I should try a SLAM for good measure? Or is there something I can put in the pool to help filter this out?

My current chemistry is below. These are the numbers I pretty much maintain at all times. It seems to be my pools sweet spot.
Chlorine - 8
Allk - 70
Ph - 7.8
CYA - 70

Any advice would be very much appreciated!! :)