Broken Bottom Drains - Temp Fix Ideas


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Apr 14, 2013
SO we are having a party on Saturday, and the screws off both of the bottom drains are broken, so they need to be repaired - 10ft deep, and to deep for my belly to hold down and repair.
SO... I was thinking..... Let me know if okay to do for temporary.
Was thinking about putting weights on the bottom of the covers to hold them in place for the day. Do Small enough Fishing Weights, so worst case if the weights broke off, it would be small enough to make it into the basket.

Do you think it might work? Or if I put the suction only to the bottom drains during the party that the suction would hold them in place?

Give me a YEA OR NA


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Mar 2, 2011
It would be dangerous for anyone to use the pool while the bottom drain covers are loose or broken. They should be properly replaced with up-to-code covers before anyone swims. Putting all of the suction on the bottom drains, with insecure covers, would make a dangerous situation even more dangerous.
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