Bought house with pool


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Mar 7, 2017
Recently bought a house with a pool. We had an inspection done prior to closing and the mechanical problems of the pool are pretty significant (pretty much everything needs replaced except the pump- which is a basic pump and will eventually probably need upgraded). Anyway, most of that has been explained to me and now we're getting some cost estimates done. But what hasn't really been talked about is the appearance of the pool. The water is clean, but the surface looks stained for dirty, I guess I don't really know which. I assumed it would need replastered but I was told it doesn't. But now I don't know what to ask for.... I want to make sure the pool is nice and clean between ownership. Do I ask for a drain and pressure wash, acid wash, just a good scrubbing? I have no idea what I'm doing here but I have no idea when the last time the pool was drained and the idea grosses me out a little bit.


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Aug 19, 2014
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it could be metal or organic stains.

A few photos would help tremendously, of the pool & equipment.

Also a good test kit should be ordered right away to determine the current state of the water chemical wise.
A taylor k2006-c or TF-100 would do nicely.