Bought House Doughboy Stuff Not Working

May 18, 2012
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Second I have read most all the pool info in its entirety. This seems to b a very informative forum. Ive learned alot from here in a short time. Thx to those who put the time in to put this info im gunna need some exp people to chime in on my problem bc i know know reputations of pump brands etc.

We have a 24 foot Doughboy round pool with
Skim-Line™ Deluxe
Thru-Wall Skimmer
Models 0-2094-013 / 0-2094-015

Media Master
Sand Filter with 6 Position Valve
Model 1900 — Item No. 0-1702-019
Model 2200 — Item No. 0-1702-022
Model 2600 — Item No. 0-1702-026

Pool Power Pak® II
UL/CSA Models with Strainer Assembly- I think its a 1.5 hp the label is so worn off i can barely read it.

The skimmer seems to b fine to me. But the pump dont turn on at all when u plug it in so im assuming the pump is broken. And the Filter is beat up like the pump. Its been outside for along time. The coller on the filter i cant even get it off to check the sand bc the nut is stripped off. And i cant even find replacement power pak pumps anywhere online. And the pool store says i need a new 600 doller powerline and that 2 much 2 me just for the pump when i need a filter 2. So i wanna buy a new set up and quickly before what water i have turn green and nasty. So from what ive read on here i think i like the cartrdridge filters. So could someone recommend a good brand. I want a pump and filter combo for simplicity and price.
And can i do anything in the meen time so the water dont turn nasty. Like put some algicide and bleach just to kill algae till i can get the water moving.
Thx in advance Tyler


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Welcome to the forum. :lol:

Each evening, put in one small jug of Clorox in your pool. While pouring stir it around vigorously so it doesn't stay concentrated....something like a boat paddle or a board would be ideal.

The sun will burn it off the next day so you must do it each evening after the sun is off the pool.