Bought a house that came with the dreaded Perma Salt System


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Feb 1, 2020
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Hello everyone!

I will likely be posting more in the future, particularly once keys are in hand, but my husband and I are about to close on a house with an AGP. Exciting! I’ve always wanted my own pool. So, when we saw this box thing attached to the filter thing (assuming it’s a filter, no clue) that said “Perma Salt” we looked up the Family Leisure video about it and prepared ourselves for a simple, carefree summer of no hassle sparkling clean pool time. High fives all around!

Until we saw the price tag for chemicals. YIKES.

So, being the researcher I am, I jumped on the ole’ Google; originally to find cheaper chemicals but not long afterwards it became a search to find out how to treat my pool like the perma salt system had never been.

I’ve been reading through your forums for several hours now as well as other forums and even big pool companies that weren’t Family Leisure. Everyone has had a lot to say about Perma Salt. A lot of very negative things.

Is it possible to bypass this unfortunate copper nonsense with my pal, chlorine - destroyer of fecal contaminants and microbial pests? From what I’ve read, it is indeed.

I took chemistry in college once upon a time ago, and honestly, they had my doubts gone about keeping the system at “communicable disease transmission risk due to an almost complete lack of sanitation.”

Well, we have a 4 year old in day care and I’d say that’s about all the communicable disease we care to deal with in our off hours.

Obviously, that square shaped box of snake oil and lies has got to go. Trouble is, I have no idea how to remove it. I don’t know the terminology of the structure of the filter thing, still not 100% sure that’s even a filter. Call it an uneducated assumption.

I don’t understand what the hoses are doing and where they are going, the things that hold them together, the doodads and flibbertygibbets allude me.

Complete, 100% noob. I do know how to swim, at least.

I took a good pic of it on our recent inspection. We don’t know much about the pool at all, though we will get those details at closing.

What I can tell you is the house is 5 years old and the pool has definitely been in operation. The water level is low, which reassures me of relatively low copper levels once fresh water is added. It should also mean very little water, if any, in the filter thing and it’s many hoses.

Take a look at this picture and in your very smallest, most dumbed down terminology, how do I get this thing off of here?



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Oct 25, 2017
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Hi there! Pool noob here too; you've definitely come to the right place. Im sure the brain power will show up shortly and help you thru your journey to enjoying your new pool. Lots of reading here, lots of great threads and information. Congrats on the new house, and you will love your new pool and how easy and carefree it will be!

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Welcome! :wave: So by now you probably know that system uses copper which over time can raise the level of copper in the water to a point where staining can become an issue. Plus, it's not a sanitary system as they "claim" you can operate with very low levels of chlorine - never a good thing. So unplugging immediately and ultimately removing would be your best option. Fortunately for you, it appears unions were used when it was installed, so with some PVC and a couple union fittings, you should be able to remove that system and install a piece of PVC in its place.

Until you move in, take some time to get up to speed on TFP and all the site has to offer. Make sure you have a proper test kit. A TF-100 is ideal, but a Taylor K-2006C will do as well. Have a nice weekend.


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Jul 10, 2012
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What a fun and exciting time in your life and you get a new house with it!!! LOL

We got you! We can and will teach you everything you need and answer any and all question or concerns your might have!

Look in my siggy below for the link to the TF-100 test kit. Please go ahead and order it so you will have it when the keys are in your hand.

While you are waiting for the closing check out your local area for liquid chlorine. Some pool stores will sell it if you put a deposit down on a couple of they jugs. That is the ONLY thing you will need to buy or get from them. Don't even bother letting them test your water. They tend to get it wrong more than right THEN will try to sell you this and that to "fix" your water. Look in my siggy below for the recommenced chemicals. Most of them can be found at Walmart or Target! How neat is that??
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Jul 8, 2015
WELCOME!.. You have found the right place. The gurus here can also walk you through redoing your plumbing, getting different equipment, AND help you with your pool Chem. So, after you get your keys in hand and have had a chance to settle into your new abode, just give us lots of pics of your layout and plumbing and we will give you a walk through of what it is and what it does. If you are not to far into the negotiating process is if you can get a home warranty that will cover the pool. I'm not sure if they apply to AGP's.

Enjoy, we will look forward to seeing more from you. ;) :cool:
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Oct 2, 2013
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Hi ES, welcome to TFP!
When possible of you could post a pic thats a little more zoomed out so we could see a bit more of the plumbing, I could be more exact. But I'll try and give you some idea anyhow.

The thingamagig on the very left border of the pic, with the black thing screwed into it, is indeed the filter.

The doodad on the very right border of the pic, with the big white collar and what looks like what might be a handle on top. That thing with the collar is a union.
If you unscrew the union, and unscrew the black thing going into the filter, the whole permasalt system will come right out.

Just replace that with a straight piece of PVC pipe and you'll be good to go.

In the meantime, I sugges to order your own good pool test kit. There is a link in my sig to where to get it for the best price.

and read up on these couple of links. If you do this, you'll be rocking and rolling as soon as you close on the house.
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Feb 1, 2020
Orlinda, TN
Awesome guys, thank you so much. Great info here. I knew you would be able to help us out!! I will post a better pic as soon as we move, as you know I’m unable to just show up before closing and I had snapped that during our inspection last week. I’m super excited as it seems like it won’t be too hard to remove and replace. I’ll definitely be ordering that kit ASAP and make sure I get my signature updated as soon as I know the specs on the pool. Thanks so much for all The great responses and for breaking down for me what all the stuff was that could be seen in the picture. I’m looking forward especially to learning the proper terminology for the parts so I understand some of these articles about equipment better as well lol