Borate test strips



I have been using the AquaChek borate test strips for a while now. They are a little difficult to determine the color at the higher levels of borates needed. I just got some of the LaMotte borate test strips today and they are MUCH better. The color differentiation between 30 ppm, 50 ppm, and 80 ppm is much easier to see than on the AquaChek strips! (My pool is at 50 ppm and I tested with both strips and also did dilutions to test the lower ranges. I also added some additional borax to my sample to test the highest range.) IF you can find them I would recommend them! They seem to be rather elusive since they are a relatively new product for LaMotte. I have the Proteam Supreme test kit on order (it's a titration test for borates and a bit expensive--about $60!) so I will report on that once it comes in.


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May 3, 2007
Pleasanton, CA
I thought I was the only one that couldn't read those stupid things. I new I had enough but I really couldn't tell how much more than 30 ppm I had.

I haven't tried your dilution method yet but that sounds like it should work good enough so that I can use up the strips that I have. Hopefully by then I can find the LaMotte strips easier.


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Apr 22, 2007
I don't care for AquaCheck brand strips for anything.

Thanks for the info on the LaMotte strips. I think I'll order some from the internet, if I can find them. I haven't been able to find borate test strips anywhere locally.


I have not been able to find the LaMotte strips anywhere on the net except on the askalanaquestion website and he only sells them by the case! That is why I have been using the Aquachek strips (which are the same as the Proteam strips).

Aquachek actually makes ONE strip that is excellent--their salt titrator strips. I have checked them against titration tests and different calibrated salt meters and they are always right on the money!


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Apr 5, 2007
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Thanks for the review waterbear. The aquacheck strips really didn't bother me much. It would have been nice if they were set up to be similar to the salt strips...but to get me in the area I wanted to be...they did do the job. I was shooting for a Borate reading between 65 and 70 and got to 70. While the strips don't have a 70 on them...the color was closer to 80 than it was to 50.

But if I ever need to buy more...I will look for the LaMotte strips instead.

on a side note...

After adding the Borates I am still amazed at the reduced chlorine consumption and how clean the pool is with even less maintenance than I was doing before. What a joy it has been!!!!!!!