Booster Pump Installation Location

May 23, 2012
I recently purchased a house that has an old pool (25 years) that I am in the process of remodeling. I've decided to go with a pressure side cleaner since the pool was already plumbed for this type of cleaner. The plumbing is sound but here is no pump attached and it's just stubbed out in the mechanical area. The previous owner installed a new main pump, filter and heater prior to putting the house on the market and of course everything got new PVC.
The problem/question:
Every booster pump installation manual I have read shows the tee to feed the booster inlet being inserted AFTER the heater and In-Line Chlorine Feeder and BEFORE the diverter valve that sends return water to the spa or pool. Because of the way my pool plumbing was put together this is impossible without completely re-plumbing the entire area which I am trying to avoid. The question is, has anyone ever inserted the booster pump inlet tee AFTER the filter but BEFORE the heater and In-Line Chlorine Feeder? Can you think of any disadvantage to this setup, other than I'll need to increase my chlorine feeder setting to make up for the diverted water flow. I am just trying to understand what the reason is for locating the inlet so late in the circuit.




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The T to draw water for the booster pump needs to be after the filter, but it doesn't have to be after the chlorinator or heater.