Boards or Pavers for Oval pool?


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Mar 28, 2017
The instruction manual for the pool we bought says to put the pool supports on timber boards. We do plan to dig down and level the ground, so it shouldn't be soft. Quote included below:
Do not assemble on soft lawn. If you must assemble the pool on a soft surface, timber
boards (not included) must be placed under the feet of the vertical supports to spread the

Won't wood just rot out after a time. Can it be placed on pavers? I am not sure if there are different rules for oval pools or not. If it matters, the pool has both U-Supports and Straight legs.

Thanks! Nancy :flower:


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Jul 10, 2012
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Your gut is right........wood WILL rot and cause trouble down the road. I would get big concrete pavers/steppers. Dig down so they are even with the top of the ground. That should set you up!!
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