Blue Feet - New Diamond Brite


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Apr 30, 2010
We have been swimming in our new pool for about a week now. We used a Midnight Blue Diamond Brite finish. Is it typical for the first couple weeks (I hope that's it) for your feet and hands to get some blue color on them from rubbing on the walls and/or bottom of the pool?


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Jul 28, 2008
I can't answer your question but it is always nice to see another UVA fan around!



Hmmmm, coming out looking like a Smurf, huh :lol:

I would contact Diamond Brite (or your applicator). PebbleTec had the same problem many years ago (they re-did all of the pools, 'cuz that is how PebbleTec does things! While I do not represent them, so I am not "selling" them, they are an amazing company!) when the color was coming off the "blue stones" and doing exactly the same thing. Sounds like somebody else got a bad batch of material also, but it has been seen before.

Sorry to hear that :cry: If it the same as the P-Tec issue, then it will continue (until all the blue is gone anyway). I would make the call and get it resolved, as they should, without giving you any guff.

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