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Feb 6, 2020
Albany, Louisiana
For quite a few years they had a young man who was in college doing it who did. Now, not.
So, you asking me about the stabilizer and chemicals has forced me to look back in my pool logs. The stats are all over the place. It has also made me realize that my SWG started malfunctioning in July when they just started dumping granular chlorine into it. To answer your question, the stabilizer was last checked on March 16th and it was zero then and they added 2 pounds. I'd say I need some again. I'm actual glad my SWG and I replaced it myself. It has made me realize they've been putting the screws to me and that I am now retiring from the military and now have the time to maintenance myself.
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Jan 17, 2012
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Were the running your pump and SWG 24/7 which may be the only way you ever got FC in the pool.

Without stablizer in there the FC wouldn't last very long with sun (like less than a hour, maybe?). If they ran your SWG to death and full speed ahead you may have used it up prematurely.

Cheap algaecides contain copper.