Best way to clean and protect vinyl safety cover


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May 22, 2012
I'm new to the forum, happy to be able to get great opinions and advice.
I have an 18 x 36 inground vinyl pool with an automatic safety cover. The pool is 7 years old and we have just replaced the cover. With the previous cover, we would brush and clean it twice a year with a mild powder detergent (Dreft) and then hose it off with a pressure washer.
My question is, now that I have a new vinyl cover, what do you use not only to clean the cover, but hopefully protect it to live a long life? Armour-all would be great, but that would cost a huge amount of money for a piece of vinyl this big. Please offer suggestions.


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May 22, 2009
I have a 30 inch foam squeegee that i use to clean the cover. Home Depot
First I add water on the cover , let hose run about 5 minutes, then I add about 1\2 to 1 gallon bleach to the water.
I use the squeegee to brush and clean the cover, then I place my cover pump onto the cover and run the chlorinated water into the pool through the skimmer
Use the squeegee to push the water to the pump and remove all the water from the cover.
I rinse with plain water and squeegee dry to finish
The cover will be spotless, and dry instantly in the sun.

Here, I make an assumption. If chlorine in the pool dissipates due to the sunlight, the small amount left on the cover will be gone within 1/2 hour at most. thus no potential damage to the cover.

My cover always looks clean, never any brush marks!
I also use the same squeegee to clean my vinyl pool, I never use a brush. I used my polaris the first year I had the pool and have not used it since.
Pool is 7 years old, in Illinois, Coverstar cover still looks and works great. Just replaced the ropes and guides this year for the first time.
Cover star sells a cover cleaner-protectant, I have no experience with it.

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