Beginner with TFP method - when to test after pool store opened?


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Jul 8, 2015
Hang in there. There is something eating at your FC every night. Did you clean behind the light? corners of the stairs? clean the filter? You are almost there!


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Jul 9, 2019
Winnipeg, Manitoba
BTW I totally glossed over the most important thing you shared in this thread. You have an infant! Congratulations! We have four kids, all well past the infant stage, and there's nothing better in life.




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Aug 2, 2017
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An update as I may be stuck. So my water is very clear, and my CC has been stable at .5 for two days. I’m stuck at the OCLT, last two nights I did it and:
Tuesday night I lost 4 FC overnight —-> -Tuesday night: FC 20, CC .5 - Weds morning: FC 16, CC .5
Wednesday night I lost 5 FC overnight —-> - Weds night: FC 21, CC .5 - Thursday morning: FC 16, CC .5
Do I just keep maintaining slam levels of FC, daily brush, vacuum and backwash as needed? Or do I need to do something else?
So the FC is doing it's job, You look like you are about a day or two out! :)
Be sure to keep up with the SLAM Process steps, skimping on one, simply prolongs the process! You've done great and are very close to smooth maintenance mode!


Jun 11, 2020
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@TheDeuce thanks for the congrats. It’s fun so far. We do call the pool our third child right now.

@mguzzy two days ago I cleaned throughly behind everything. I think that may have helped.

@splashpad and @Flying Tivo - so my cc has been stable at .5 for days. My fc lost 2 overnight from Thursday to Friday (18 to 16). And 1 overnight from Friday to Saturday (16 to 15). I did let the level drop so bit lower than 20 though as the toddler has been using the pool a lot. You think it’s passed and I can let drift down? Or should I get back up to 20 and do one more OCLT? We have storms next couple days so no one will be swimming.

I think we’re almost there.
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