Balancing after renovation


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Sep 10, 2018
Holmdel NJ

Looking for some help.

PB just completed work on the plaster after a full drain.

Now I'm refilling with city water and will be closing the pool for the season.

Can I close as a chlorine pool and add salt when reopening next season?

Also if I can close as a chlorine pool I should just follow the TFP levels recommendations here.

In doing so I will turn on my swg and run pump/filter till chemicals are in balance for a chlorine pool.

My pet peeve is I have to fill all the way and then drain the pool (under skimmers) to close right after. Any ideas for a work around to save on water with compromising levels?

Thank you for any advice.

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Welcome! :wave: For your two first question ... yes & yes. Close as a non-salt pool and add the salt next season. As a non-salt pool, don't bother installing the SWG since it won't work in cold water. Just use liquid chlorine or regular bleach to maintain the proper FC level (based on your CYA) for a non-salt pool as noted on the FC/CYA Chart. Unless you have a reliable main drain to pull water to the pump, you'll have to fill up to the skimmer to circulate everything then close. Not sure what type of plaster work you had done, but if it was a total re-plaster or near the waterline you may want to fill it up all the way anyways at first to prevent color changes if that's a concern.

Don't forget to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. Include yoru test kit as well. Good luck!