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Jul 21, 2016
Howdy all,

I have a DE filter assembly with a filter currently running in it. It does a good job cleaning the pool; however, after every morning startup it shoots a bunch of sediment into the pool. As far as I know, this is because I need to backwash the filter. I know that under normal circumstances there is a valve on the Outlet side of the Filter Housing you turn to initiate the backwash, however, if you look at my screenshots you'll see that the valve in question has been screwed in place and locked up.

Given the attached pictures, does anyone know how I would go about backwashing this particular filter assembly?



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I suspect one of the following things may be happening:
1 - It appears you have a slide/plunger valve at the filter, but as you noted it may not be operating properly. While there are rebuild kits for those valves, I would recommend replacing it with a new multiport valve which allows you more functions.
2 - As for the sediment you see returning to the pool at start-up, it could be a couple things. It might just be DE which could indicate an air leak or a failing grid/finger in the filter. Or it might be the initial signs of algae.
3 - I would also point out that air can get sucked into the plumbing system which can move water and DE around a bit. Air leaks can be tricky as you don't always see water squirting out, but air will get pulled in. You might consider inspecting all areas at the pad like the air pressure gauge, 3-way valves, filter band seal, etc. That plunger valve may also be allowing air in.


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Mar 2, 2011
The handle broke off; probably because the valve got stuck.

I recommend a filter teardown and cleaning.

Those valves never work and a backwash really does not work well enough to be worthwhile.

I recommend a multiport instead of a push/pull or slide valve.



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Jun 28, 2017
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Have you ever removed, cleaned and inspected the filter grids and manifold? Check u-tube university for how to vids, it's not hard.
There are also o-rings inside that may need replacing.
How does the pool water look? I have the same DE filter and never backwash rather clean and inspect the system once a year or if my pressure rises due to wild fire ash. :rant:


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Jan 2, 2018
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Is that a Pentair Quad series filter? If so I'd disassemble the filter & hose off the cartridges. It'll clean them better than backwashing. I'll let others comment on why that valve may have been disabled.
Quad DE filter Inlet is above the Outlet; looks like the Outlet is on top in the last picture, so think it's a standard DE filter and not a Quad.
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