AutoPilot- Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 - Please Help

Mar 24, 2017
palm coast, FL
Good Morning,

I am new to this forum but I will try to include all information. I have had the Auto Pilot, Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 for about 8 years. In 2014 I installed a new cell SC-36 (RD35/22). Yesterday I noticed that the pool had some algae so I went to check to make sure that the little tabs on the timer did not fall off again. The little tabs were firmly in place so I turned the system on and ran a "test". The test said that the salt was at 1600 and to add 116 pounds. I only had 2 40 pound bags on hand so I put both bags into the pool. After 30 minutes I performed another "test" and it still said that salt was at 1600. That was my first warning sign because usually after putting salt into the pool the number jumps. I let the system run all night and this morning the test still said 1600. I pushed the boost mode and after a few minutes it jump to 2700. So hopefully for now I am producing chlorine. I have not had a problem like that and not sure if the control panel is going to if maybe a new cell is needed, but last time a new cell was needed the control panel said "check cell". I am hoping for some insight

Pool Information:
Small pool - only about 12,000 gallons
Hardness - normal
Total Chlorine - Very low
Free Chlorine - Low
PH - normal
Stabilizer - low

Control Panel Information - After Boost mode
Warning - Purifier Off Check flow
Cell SC-36 (RC35/22)
Salt 2700
0v 5.0A
Power Level 1

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to TFP!

I don't know about your equipment, but if you are seeing Algae, we will recommend getting rid of it with our shocking procedure we call a SLAM. Its a process of keeping the Chlorine high until the pool is completely clear of all living and dead Algae. You wont be able to to do that with the SWG alone, as it simply isn't designed for that purpose.

Do you have any testing supplies, particularly for salt? You might want to test the salt levels with an actual test to be sure of your Salt levels before making more additions. Additionally, you will need a proper kit for the procedure I suggested, and you can see links in my signature for most of the info I mentioned here. If you can test, a complete set of numbers would be very helpful to give you the proper advice.