Automatic pool cover repair.

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Jul 1, 2016
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I have an 11 year old pool with a Coverstar automatic pool cover that has been replaced once.
The cover is stuck partially open right now.
When we were opening it yesterday the cover stopped and started, then stopped completely about 15 feet from the end.
It closed again OK. We checked the well, removed the well cover and cleaned out some leaves, lubricated the pulleys and checked the water level. Then tried opening again. The motor was running. the cables really seemed to be straining and the cover stopped a bunch of times and ended up about halfway again. We tried closing the cover up again and the vinyl cover was bunching up as it came off the roller and the cables were really straining so it looked the pulleys were about to pull out of the well. We didn't want to close all the way as the strain seemed to be increasing.
We've had problems finding reliable service people for this cover. I spoke to one repair guy this morning who was trying to tell me that water had gotten into the motor housing and that was probably the problem, he hadn't even seen the cover! As far as I can see the motor seems to be running fine, The cables are intact and show no signs of wear, the pulleys are intact but squeaking loudly, anybody have any ideas? I don't want to be convinced to do a major repair if the problem is a cable adjustment.


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Jul 21, 2013
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See here for some links on Coverstar repairs from @YippeeSkippy ...


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Jun 7, 2018
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Several ideas, but only guesses without eyes on it.

Noisy pulleys are shot. You can try squirting silicone lube into them, but it's likely the bearings are worn or missing, or the plastic is broken. Have you found any bearings on the pool floor or in the pool cleaner? (I once did.) That would be a sure sign the pulleys need replacement.

Broken pulleys could be a result rather than the cause. I might suspect misaligned undertracks. The screws holding them in place can loosen over time, causing track sections to be out of whack, and the cover will stop right there. You could try opening the cover until it protests, then stop. Reach under and grope for the screws. If you're lucky, you'll find one loose and reachable and can tighten it. Easy fix. You can get in the pool if necessary, but stay safe and don't swim under the cover without scuba gear.

In NorCal, we have a good service company called Pool Covers Inc. You might phone them and see whether they can point you to a company in your area. 707-864-6674.
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