Automatic pool cover controller issue


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Feb 23, 2015
Santa Clara,CA
All of a sudden my code to open the cover isn't working anymore.
After entering the 4 digit code and pressing the tick button, neither the green nor the red light switches on. and the open/close button has not effect.
I can confirm there is power supply because the blue lights switch on when I press the buttons.

I also tried resetting the code but that is not working either.

Attached is a pic of the power touch controller.

Has anyone faced a similar issue. Checking here before I place a service call.



Mod Squad
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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Oh bummer! When we put our cover on and was asked which we wanted-the keyed pad or your type we went with the keyed one. THe installer said "good, the other type tends to have more problems."

How old is your cover?

When they come to fix it please let us know what they do to get it up and running again. Just in case someone else asks later in time.

Maddie :flower: