Automatic Pool Cleaner Under $550


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Nov 22, 2017
Clearwater, florida
I've been very pleased with my Aquabot X4. Got it with the caddy and 3 year warranty for $600. Just above your limit but might be worth considering. It does a great job with my pool which is just a bit larger than yours.


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
I'd recommend the Dolphin E10/Active 10/S50 models. They are all the same. They don't do walls but otherwise meet your requirement.

New looks like $450 or refurb for $399.
Mar 24, 2017
Edmond, OK
I'm on my third year for Hayward Sharkvac...

No complaints at all. It does not climb walls regularly. Sometimes it does and it remembers that it's only a $500 cleaner and quickly comes back down before getting into trouble by Hayward. Seriously, I think the only difference between this model and one that climbs walls is in the software programming or power module.