Auto Fill on an in ground well


Jul 3, 2019
Athens GA
I have a well that services my house and new pool. I was reading that I should not have my auto fill system hooked directly to a live line of water off my irrigation system but on an irrigation line with a valve that offers water to the auto fill system for say 45-60 minutes a day so it doesn’t have the ability to run all the time. The article stated that an auto fill live line could cause my well pump to have to turn on and off an additional 48 times a day and could cause it to burn out much quicker. Thoughts or experiences please?


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Jun 8, 2015
Houston, TX
My thought is nix the auto fill, bad enough when they hang up on city water worse when its your well and you are gone. Next thing you know your pump is burned up.

A simple timer and garden hose is a very safe simple fill. Besides with mother nature providing fill for you I doubt you will need an auto fill.

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