At least 1 pool company (kinda) gets it.


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Aug 31, 2019
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I randomly stumbled across a pool company in CA's website: Chlorine tablets are terrible for your pool and (California) if they are the sole source of chlorine • Mike the Poolman

Read that blog post and thought "hey, this guy actually gets it". Basically they just talk about how you shouldn't use trichlor tabs all year around, and even to be wary if a pool company is putting trichlor in your pool in the winter.

Pretty interesting to me especially because sometimes I wonder if it'd be possible to use less trichlor and still run a successful pool business? I know in AZ at least, our brutal summers require you to use a ton of chlorine in the summer.

I read more of the blog and they then mentioned they keep the FC in their pools at no less than 1ppm O_O. So I suppose they kinda get it.
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