Aquarite Install plumbing question

May 2, 2017
I am installing this weekend and I see the need to have 12" of straight plumbing before the flow switch but is there a minimum distance needed before water enters the cell.

My current setup has a 90 degree turn about 12" after exiting the filter then a longer run before another 90 degree turn in to ground. This is where the current puck chlorinator is. My plan is to cut that out and replace with the SWG...just trying to gauge best placement in that run.


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Jul 7, 2014
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The 12" rule is for the ideal situation... If you can do it great, but it is not an absolute requirement..

My cell has a built in flow switch and the idiot pool builder installed with a 90 degree elbow right at the entrance to the cell. It seems to have no impact on how well the cell operates, or how the flow switch works..

I would install with as much straight pipe before the Flow Switch and Cell as possible, but I would not go to any extra effort to meet the 12" rule..

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Jim R.
May 2, 2017
I was taking one last look at it today to make sure I have everything I need and wondering if I should elevate off the ground a little. To elevate I would place some 90 degree elbows on either end to give it a few inches of clearance

I think enough room to get the unions on and spin freely but will be close. What I don't want to do is place more restrictions on water flow but maybe overthinking it. IMG_20180309_112942.jpg