Aquapure 1400 - Replace cell or cell and sensor


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May 23, 2007
My cell is due to be replaced and I am debating on buying the cell or the kit with the sensor. One issue I have had off and on has been the no flow error when running the pump on low speed sometimes. My current set-up has the Tri-sensor adapter (Small Board) with clear cover but not the newer adapter that is in the the big box with A and B program settings. Is the big box adapter any different than the small board I have. I don't know what my pumps actual output is on low speed but its a two speed Hayward SP2610 1.5HP.

Also, does the pressure at low speed go up or down depending on the number of returns in use ? I have a spill over spa that normally is set to run at a trickle that could be set to off to increase the low speed pressure if that would help.


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Mar 2, 2011
I would get the cell kit with sensor and power cord.

Low speed will have more pressure but less flow with returns closed.

Lower pressure is better because it creates better flow.