Aqualink Rs8 Pda Kit + Rs8 Chip = Aquapalm


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Oct 17, 2010
I have an Aqualink RS8, which controls, main pump, cleaner, 3 actuators, pool light, heater, blower, and a flood light. I just bought the PDA upgrade kit that came with standard chip (PDA-PS8), which I upgraded to the RS8 (ALRS 8 P&S) chip.

Is it at all possible to keep the inside keypad AND use the full functionality of the PDA/AquaPalm? The spa-side switch is no longer in use/connected to the board. Pleae advise...thanks!


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Mar 28, 2010
I have used a PDA remote on a RS system and it does default to operate as an Aquapalm. It may however be dependent on the Revision of the RS chip. It certainly works on the latest Rev Q systems.

Since this is still technically an RS system the inside panel and spa side switch should still work. The PDA/Aquapalm will control all functions however the setup menus are only available on the inside panel.
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