aquabright in australia startup chemicals


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just signed up to get my painted pool refinished in aquabright blue lagoon
whilst perusing their website i found the startup sheet
at initial fill use EasyCare StartUp-Tec
maintain chlorine 1-3ppm using tri-chlor
do not use calhypo as it is too harsh (LOL)
weekly add algaecide
and shock as required with Lithium Hypochlorite
monthly add EasyCare Beautec
i dont want to void my warranty but what a load of baloney sandwich.
no mention of ever testing cya
what do you guys think of the EasyCare StartUp-Tec
as i assume the pool company will probably add this when they refill
i wont be using the rest but i dont think i can get away without them adding this one
thanks, andrew
ps should i still use the plaster brush on the dolphin or switch to the vinyl brush


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Aug 10, 2012
Cool! Didn't know that was available in Aus. Yes, unfortunately they say a lot of the same things the rest of the pool industry says.
Startup Tec is fine to use during plaster start up. I don't think you need it for Aquabright but it won't hurt anything. Definitely avoid the rest of that ... I would switch to the vinyl brush on the cleaner.


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Aug 4, 2014
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I would still suggest using the sequestrant at startup. As for maintenance, there is nothing taught on this site that is any more harsh than what the MFG recommends. Their methods of chemical maintenance are more to protect the surface from ignorant pool owners.

HERE is another discussion on the matter.