Anyone know about EcoFinish AquaBright?


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Nov 5, 2014
Azle, TX
I have a 4-year old 5000 gal, plaster exercise pool is our new house that has gotten stained and very rough. It has been hard for our house sitter (we are gone a lot) to control the chlorine and pH, and I even have trouble sometimes.
In considering re-plastering, I came upon AquaBright and PebbleTech/Pebble Sheen. Has anyone had experience with either of these? Both are claimed to be virtually lifetime solutions to the re-plastering problem. The last posts on this site are 2010, and don't have much durability info.
Would appreciate anyones input.
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May 7, 2007
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Staining and calcium scale are the result of improper chemical balance, and are equally likely to happen on any of the surfaces you are considering. I'm not very familiar with AquaBright, but PebbleTek does indeed last much longer than plain plaster, but only when the chemical balance is properly maintained. Improper chemical balance will damage any of these surfaces at roughly the same rate.


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My condolences on your 4 year old pool needing to be replastered. :sad:

I only wish you had joined the forum 4 years ago. Your plaster would still be sparkly new. Perhaps an acid wash could extend it's life a bit longer?

What has your house sitter been using to test the water with?