Am I there yet?

Jul 24, 2011
Here we go
TA= 80ppm
CH= 60 ppm
pH = 7.4
CYA= ~30 or a little lower
CC = 0
FC = 3.5

I'm still working on getting the CYA up there (to 40). I read in pool school with a vinyl liner in an AG pool I don't need to worry about CH is that true? My SI is .9 which appears to be high.

One other question, how long should I run the pump, I remember checking out a calculator for that last season but I never was able to figure it out based on the info on my pump (bought everything 2nd hand). Thanks! :cool:


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May 7, 2007
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Correct, no need to add calcium. Your SI is fairly negative, -0.8 or -0.9, which is fine with vinyl. If it was actually high that could be a problem.

I suspect you can run the pump for about 4 hours a day and be fine, but it is best to start higher and work you way down. I recommend starting at 8 hours a day. Get a feel for what that is like. Then turn it down one hour shorter each week until the water loses it's sparkle, then turn it back up an extra hour a day and use that.