Almost done...I hope. Punch list question


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Jul 5, 2020
Hi everyone, I'm new here but I've been reading other posts on here while our pool is being built.

I was hoping someone could help me come up with some items/good to knows/things to ask or look for when it comes time for the punch list items. Things you wish you had known or brought up.
We were promised some things from the sales lady, which turned out to be untrue. No one has really checked in with us, unless I call to bug them. Just kind of moving a long, wondering who /hoping someone will show up week to week.
That's why I want to make sure we are asking the right questions and ask for things to be fixed that are/aren't unreasonable - For example even though we have left over coping - two of the tiles they used have black half circles from top to bottom on them. Another is broken on the bottom, so like half the thickness of the others. I hate it because I know they are there but I also don't want more time taken away from being able to swim.

Crossing my fingers, the weather turns around and plaster is done this week ! My kids are desperately waiting to go swimming :) (Especially because the sales lady told us and them we would be swimming most of June :( )

Thank you for your help!

*details about the pool
about 14 x 30 free form - no one came out to measure until day of dig. Turned out survey was off a couple inches.
3.5ft to 6ft depth 5x8 sunshelf (was supposed to be 6x8) with two steps
Concrete deck base with travertine tile and coping
screen enclosed - just waiting on final building inspection for this, but this seems like it's fine. One thing I will say is if we ever build a pool again, I will ask for double doors on one side. Read that on here after the fact.
2 led color changing lights
bubbler on sunshelf


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Dec 13, 2019
Frisco, TX
I had a section of coping fixed as well as I couldnt stand to look at it. It took the mason like 30 min to do it, The problem is getting a guy out from the PB to do it. That being said if I were you....I would show it to the builder and voice your concern...he/she will probably agree with you and get it fixed as they want you happy. Good luck!


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Dec 26, 2019
NE Oklahoma
For sure, get that tile fixed now, before plaster, so that they don't have to disturb the plaster to tile joint. I can't remember how many tiles my PB had to replace because they chipped them during install. It was easily in the teens. It seemed like every time I went out and looked at the pool, I found more. But I kept marking them with painters tape and they kept replacing them.