Almost a year here....Thanks a Ton!!!


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Jun 23, 2009
I stumbled on this site about a year ago when I had trouble with my Aqua-Rite cell.

I like to be as hands on as possible and do about 95% of the stuff needed done around the house myself. The problem is I tend to be a bit anal retentive bordering on compulsive behavior :-D ...

I was fat, dumb and happy with the way my pool was. Sure every once in a while I'd get a little green stuff on the side walls, but a quart of algaecide always took care of it...

After that fateful day in June 2009, now clear water is not good enough. I want it balanced and healthy.

Thanks to all those on this site who contribute and answer the endless stream of questions. As a small thank you, today I became a lifetime member and I hope my small $30 donation helps keep this site going and providing help to those who come in search of answers...