Algaecide causing foam?


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Dec 11, 2016
When my cleaner comes to the surface it creates a thin layer of fizzing white residue that goes away pretty quick. It looks soapy. My numbers are near perfect. Water is crystal clear. I added my salt (3400 ppm) Sunday. Tuesday I added Boric Acid (30ppm).

The pool company closed my pool in November so I could watch and do it myself this year and I know they added algaecide. Could it still be lurking in my water and causing this?

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Depending upon the algaecide used, that's what it could be. Here's a quote from an older thread and one of TFP's experts:
Certain kinds of algaecide consistently produce foam, and often a bad smell as well. This typically lasts about a week. Because of this, and other issues, the only kind of algaecides we ever recommend using at polyquat based algaecides.
There are other issues that could cause foaming (i.e. scented bleach), but I don't see that as an issue with your SWG pool. If it doesn't resolve itself in a few days, reply abck and post a full set of test results and we can re-evaluate everything from there. Have a nice evening.