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Aug 21, 2021
Brand new to the forum...

I have owned the pool for the last 10 years, but have had a service for chemicals. I do the hardware stuff - replace pump/motors/filters/etc... Anyway, this year has been a struggle with algae in spots and at one point the water was a light green color. I worked with the service to brush daily, run filter more, etc.. but it seems to me it was eating chlorine. I got a basic test kit and at times there was no CL (even after the pool guy was just there earlier in the day) so I would add some through out the week.

Anyway, while we were able to clean up the green color of the pool, we still have spots of green algae on the wall. Not really sure what is going on but I got a TF-100 kit as well. I am really questioning the CYA - depending on how I view that "spot" I can see this somewhere between 50-80. I have done this a couple of different times. But assuming it is something like 65:


Pool was running very warm with solar (90 or so). I have since shut off to get temp down to low 80s thinking that would hinder algae but not sure on effectiveness.

Do those numbers seem reasonable? I am thinking that I need the FC higher if CYA is 70 or so....
But not sure where to go in terms of amount (30k pool).


Pool water is very clear - just struggling with algae on the sides in spots.


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Welcome to TFP. You've come to the right place. We are a volunteer organization of bonafide experts in every aspect of pools. We also have many, many experienced pool enthusiasts here. All our volunteers are here to help people like you learn our methods that are based on sound science and dirt cheap since they we mostly us generic chemicals from big box stores and are identical to much higher priced pool store versions. We also sell nothing so our advice is never conflicted. Marty has helped many, many people like you get your pool to TFP standard and it usually doesn't take long at all. With our methods you never have a pool like you describe. And even if you do get lax for a while and your pool has a problem a quick SLAM will get you back in shape. One thing you can do to help our volunteers be more efficient and get advice to you quicker is to add your signature. Here's how to do it.

Good luck to you and we all look forward to your posts!

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