Algae, stairs, and is some algae ok?


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Jun 3, 2020
I had some algae grow recently. I kicked butt my first summer with this pool, then I wasn’t able to stay on top of it for a bit and some algae began. 😞

So I SLAMmed, and after a week of removing light enclosures, scrubbing everything, removing skimmer flaps, scrubbing stairs, etc. I passed the OCLT two nights in a row. 🥳 Thanks for all your help in from thread: OCLT affected by cold air/warm water?

So here is what I noticed today. I have fiberglass stairs and a vinyl liner. Between the panels that hold the liner to the stairs and the pool wall, there is the liner and some liner lock. I noticed that there was some algae between the liner lock and the liner around the stairs enclosure. I took a toothbrush to it, and ran a dull putty knife in in the small space between the liner and liner lock, and green came out. It wasn’t much much, but it was there. It’s a very small overlap between the liner and liner lock.

So my questions, if you would be so kind as to continue educating me:

1. Is that normal? Is it ever normal to have “some” algae? Is that just inevitable, and your FC is keeping it at bay? Or can/should it be killed?

2. Any other tips on how to clean that area out?

3. Does this bely a bigger problem? Do I possibly have more algae around the stairs somehow that I can’t get to?

4. I am still at SLAM levels. I plan to keep it there for a few days. I even did the “mustard algae slam level” for 24 hours. Should I just keep up the SLAM for awhile, even when passing the OCLT?

5. Can I close the pool knowing there might be a bit of algae in areas around the stairs I can’t get to? I plan to close after the temp has dropped below 60.

Thank you!!!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Get your bristle brush and get into those crevices. Algae loves little hidey holes to be safe from the chlorine. Perfectly normal to find that if it is small and your's sounds like it. Usually a deck brush is all you need to brush it up into the chlorinated water and the chlorine kills it.
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