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May 9, 2021
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I opened my pool this spring and did my first SLAM (finished earlier this week). It is now blue, clear and amazing!
Test results as of this morning:
FC - 3.5 (did a bleach add to bring to 7 but didn't measure it before going to work, this has been my normal morning routine, check FC and then add as needed to support the SLAM and now just maintaining)
CC - 0.5
pH - 7.4
TA - 100
CH - 50 (from what I have read I don't need to worry about this in a vinyl lined AGP? I have filter hard piped with PVC so not sure if that affects anything but not the crux of my question today)
CYA - 40
Temp - 74
Last night I reinstalled my pool ladder (didn't want to encourage the kids to swim while I was SLAMing so waited on it). I had battled algae all last year before I found this website this winter. My ladder has been in the shed (dry and in the rafters) all winter. Should I be looking to SLAM again before the algae that may have survived in the ladder infests the whole pool or can I just keep FC in band (maybe check my levels 2 times per day vice once)? Same goes for the solar cover (this had visible algae on it and I did try and clean it off but haven't put it in the pool yet) with the added question of how to SLAM with the cover in the water since CC won't burn off with it on?

I would rather raise FC to SLAM levels for a short period of time to prevent algae than have to do the SLAM process for a week plus like I had to this last time.

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 8, 2019
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Keep an eye on the FC levels. If they drop more than expected after putting something you’re worried about back in the pool, then it’s fighting something and might be worth a mini-SLAM. If the rest of the pool is fine it should be quick.

The cover can be washed with your pool brush and a mixture of water and bleach to scrub off any algae. You could put it in the water and SLAM and just take it off for a few hours during the day to let the CCs go but it makes more sense to scrub it down before using it.
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