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Aug 4, 2007
Jackson, NJ
I know aeration can reduce TA at low pH (7 - 7.2). I reduced mine from 100-90 ppm merely by directing the flow outlets upward. Pool now in balance:

FC = 4
CC = 0
pH = 7.4
CYA = 20
TA = 90
CH = 125 (at last check)

I like the effect of directing the jets upward. It keeps the surface moving, looks/sounds relaxing and helps skimmer effectiveness. Is there any downside to this (e.g., increases Cl usage)?


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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
Aeration doesn't lower TA. What lowers the TA is acid additions. Aeration merely raises the pH once it was lowered by the acid and repeating this process will bring the TA down over time.

The downside to aeration over the long term can be that constant outgassing of CO2 from the bubbling water can cause the pH to continue to climb at a higher rate than normal. This may require more acid to be added to bring pH back down. At some point, you may discover that your TA is too low because of all the acid added over time.

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