Advice please, Intex salt and sand filter and pump dead.

Jun 19, 2017
Austin tx
So we have an above ground pool 14ft round ultraframe thing. We got a used huge (7000 gallon) filter/sand/salt pump off craigslist about 4 years ago and it has been doing ok. It pumped well and once we cleaned the salt chlorinater cell last summer it seemed perfect after slamming and getting my levels all correct. It was working when summer ended and now it makes a humming noise but doesn't actually pump. I disconnected the pump (it goes into first) to see if any water would just flow from siphon and it does. So water is going through the pump but its no difference when it is off vs on. I can't get it to back wash or prime so I can get my pool opened up. I do have the crappy little thing that comes with these pools and we set that up and its going for now but I really want to get another sand and salt water system. The controller for the salt water system is attached to the pump or I might try to just replace the pump and they don't seem to sell a replacement part for this model number. I need advice on if I should try to get it fixed, replace a part or if I am better off just getting a whole new system and what yall would suggest.

I am in austin tx.

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Roy Lyon

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Jun 19, 2016
Hi with the pump disconnected and unplugged you could try to tun the impeller by hand to see if something has plugged it up or the motor is ztuck.the impeller is in the leaf basket where the water goes in. Hope this helps you trouble shoot your pump.

Flying Tivo

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Jan 24, 2017
Monterrey, NL, Mexico
Intex impellers usually corrode after a few years, mine did at 3 years. My AGP is seasonal. Unfortunately since they are packed together you will probably need to buy new, but check impeller as roy mentioned.

Jun 19, 2017
Austin tx
I opened it up and tried to fix it... now it does nothing lol I unplugged something somewhere I guess. I will just get a new crappy pump and reuse the sand filter. do I need a specific size pump for the sand filter or does it really matter?