Advice on a decent deck layout


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May 23, 2014
SW Washington
So we sort of shoe-horned in a 24 foot pool into our small yard. I absolutely love the pool we ended up with but I am trying to work with the small and awkward space leftover when planning a deck. I am hoping you guys might be more creative than I am.
We don't want the deck to encroach upon front yard space. I mean it has the least obstacles but I have pushed norms enough by essentially putting a pool in my front yard :-D. Onto the obstacles...My pump, filter, and well head (in the wooden box). Another thing to consider is that we have a wintertime river view. If we go really tall with the deck (pool height) we run the risk of losing that. Here are the two ideas. I have floating around.

Option 1: Build a ground level deck that's big enough for a few loungers, with stairs and a raised platform that enter to the left of the well head/pump area.

Option 2: Build a pool height deck but perhaps create a hinged door on the top to still access the pump and filter.

As seen from 2nd story living room:

View from the "front yard" angle:

A few more showing the spaces we are working with.



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Jun 7, 2011
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If you look around on the forum, you'll see lots of different designs, but I'm sure some folks will chime in. Good luck on your project.