Adding Waterfall Pump(Secondary)


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Apr 19, 2018
I am planning to add a 60" shear waterfall to my above ground pool ( 15 X 30). The waterfall requirement is 3700GPH. The wife wants to ensure that we get warm water from the heater/solar panels when the waterfall is on.

My Current setup is

1HP Hayward Pump, 300,000 BTU Hayward NG heater.Solar panels on the roof approx 500 sq.ft with 3 way auto valve.

My initial thought is to add a secondary pump on the Jet line with a 3 way valve that way I can turn the valve off when i don't want the waterfall running (majority of the time)and have the flow go through the jets .When the valve is turned water goes through waterfall rather than jets... Does anybody see any issue with this setup?
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