Adding too much CH Increaser to a pool at one time


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Aug 16, 2015
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I recently did a major water refresh on my pool, and as our water has zero calcium in it, I wanted to get it up the CH levels back up as quickly as possible, so I proceeded to add a 15 lb tub of calcium chloride to it.

Since doing that, however, I have read that one should not add more than 10 lbs at one time to a 10,000 gallon (1 lb to 1000 gallons).

My question is, did I do any harm to the pool by adding too much? I'm assuming the 1 lb per 1000 gallon limit has something to do with the carrying ability of the water in regards to the CH increaser, so I'm guessing there is a potential for the excess to fall out of solution and began to form accretions upon the surface walls and in the pipes (among other issues). I'm less worried about the walls (the pool is 20 years old), but was concerned about damaging the plumbing by a buildup of excess of calcium chloride. Additionally, are there any other issues that could be caused by repeatedly adding too much calcium chloride per application?
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Jul 21, 2013
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Adding too much calcium too quickly will create cloudy water that will clear up in a few days. The calcium will not buildup on the walls or pipes from the excess.
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