Adding Hayward to Intex 18x48


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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
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Very nice work!


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Apr 4, 2020
North Louisiana
Just wanted to finally post back a message along with a picture on my conversion from intex soft hose to pvc hard pipe. I was able to get the skimmer installed and even have plans to run a "fountain" off of the return line:)

Thanks for everyone's help with my many questions!

What fittings did you use to connect directly to the original Intex inlet and oulet tubes? Oh, how I wish I had a listing of what you did here. I love how it looks, and trying to figure it out is making my brain have a meltdown. I am trying to upgrade from my original Intex's 18x52 pump to a Pentair Sandollar SD60+Dynamo 1.5HP pump, add a Hayward skimmer, fountain, and vacuum; and I am soooo lost. :( My husband passed away in September and I am trying to do this all by myself. I probably need to start a new thread...