Above ground pool quote - what do you think


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Jul 25, 2010
Ok so we are taking the step to upgrade from our 5yr old 15x48 Intex SWG pool to this

Seaspray Evolution 24ft
Upgraded A frame resin ladder
Aquatrol saltwater gen.
4yrds of builders sand for leveling
Zaps-it weed killer
22"Pentair Sand Dollar filter
4 bags of filter sand
widemouth skimmer
solid winter cover
24ft Ocean wave liner upgrade
Wahoo Automatic Cleaner
Hard plumming
Ball valved
3 Tier Fountain
1.5 Hp Pentair Dynamo pump
Complete Installation


So what do you think about the price??? What do you think about everything else?? I'm I getting good products???

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Jun 22, 2009
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Depending on where you're located that doesn't look too bad.
I'd make sure that's a 2-speed pump.
I'd get cake steps instead of an "A" frame ladder.

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