Apr 21, 2021
New York
24 ft round above ground pool
With a chlorinator at the discharge of sand filter.
I purchased a house with a pool in November so the first time of operation for me has been the last week. Water line is roughly 1/4 of the skimmer opening.

Recently I have been noticing slight backflow from my skimmer. It sucks water into the skimmer but there would be slight ripples of water pushing out thus prevent an efficient collection of surface debri. I noticed that the pump is also filled to the top with water. Normally ive have seen enough water to where you can see the “slushing” of water inside the pump viewing window. But recently the pump has been full of water during operation and secured.
When I remove the skimmer basket the water in the pump while operating empties within seconds and the discharge goes down subsequently. Normal if I remove the skimmer basket there would be no changes. is this normal ? Or have my indications in the past been abnormal.


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Check the water level. It should half way up the skimmer opening. If it is too low, then the skimmer can start to suck air under certain conditions.
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