A little different - Crushed Tablet Trichlor


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Sep 23, 2019
Saratoga, CA
My CYA is a bit lower than I originally thought (30 vs 40), so to raise it I was going to smash some tabs (pretty easy to do as they come in plastic wrap) and throw the powder into the skimmer. Any thoughts? I know, "not the skimmer!" but will be running the pump and will dissipate quickly...I think :)


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Jul 17, 2019
Prosper, TX (DFW)
The problem I see is that it is still acidic and running through your equipment. It would be similar to dumping granules in your skimmer, also not recommended.

Do you have a floater you can use? If not, what about dissolving them in a 5 gallon bucket first. If all else fails, I would think adding the tabs to the skimmer whole would be better than the smashed tabs since the tabs would not hit your equipment all at once.

Brett S

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Mar 15, 2019
Using tabs to raise CYA is not a bad thing and is often done, especially when someone has tabs laying around. However, I’m not sure about the crush and dump method. As the previous poster mentioned, those tablets can be quite acidic and can damage your equipment. Heaters are especially sensitive to this, so if you have a heater I would absolutely not do it this way. Using the tabs in a floater is probably the best option. If you really didn’t want to do that, maybe crush them and put them in a sock, similar to the way people add granulated CYA.


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Jan 6, 2010
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I've found broken pucks in the bucket before and used them in the floater. They dissolve faster because of more surface area. So crack your pucks into halves or quarters and pile the chunks in a floater. They'll be gone in a couple days.