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Thread: Barnacles and brackish water problems

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    Barnacles and brackish water problems

    Our 25000 gallon inground pool recently flooded with salt water from Hurricane Gustav. Because we had already gone through draining, scrubbing and replastering after Katrina, we did not want to drain if possible. I did wait a little too long before trying to clean it, but my husband and I both work late and could not get to it. Leslie's Pool Supplies recommended draining but I opted not to. I begin shocking and vacuuming it. The pool is now clear however it is stained and has barnacles. The barnacles do scrap off easily and I do not think it will be a problem. The stains are another problem. Someone told me to try dropping a vitamin c tablet in the pool and see if the stain disappears. She said if it did that it was organic and could be cleaned with citrus acid. However, I did not ask how to clean a 25,000 gal pool with citruc acid. Do you by any chance have any suggestions for getting my stains off without draining? Or even getting the barnacles off easier? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Barnacles and brackish water problems

    Can't help with the barnacles but keeping your chlorine at high levels (can't tell you how high because we'd need to know your CYA) will probably have them cleared up with little or no effort....just a little time.
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    Re: Barnacles and brackish water problems

    Hi, Lucy, welcome to TFP.

    Staining is one of two things: Organics (like algae, leaves, acorns, etc) or metals..

    Hold a chlorine tab against the stain and see if that removes it. If it does, it is organic staining, and shock levels should clear it up. You might have to hold your shock levels for a few days to completely clear the stain.

    If the chlorine does not remove the stain, you can try vitamin c. Take a vitamin c tablet and hold it on the stain. If that clears the stain, you can do an ascorbic acid treatment (read here for more info) and then use a metal sequesterant.

    Posting a full set of test numbers would help us help you!

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    Re: Barnacles and brackish water problems

    Ascorbic, citric, or oxalic acid will remove metal stains (iron and cobalt and some forms of copper staining--some types of copper stains can get worse!) but will have little or no effect on organic stains. Chlorine will bleach organic stains out but it might take some time and fairly high chlorine levels to do so.

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