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Thread: Auto vacs - Kreepy Krawly, Aquabug, Diver Dave, etc.

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    Auto vacs - Kreepy Krawly, Aquabug, Diver Dave, etc.

    Now that it's the end of the season, I'm scrounging eBay a little looking for some equipment..

    One thing I'd like is a suction powered auto-vac. There are a few different ones that seem to be reasonably priced. Are they all fairly equal? My pool is obviously pretty small, so I don't need a mega-cleaner or anything. (However, it looks like any of them will require a pump upgrade..)

    See my pool specs below..
    Intex 15'x42" Above-Ground Vinyl/Metal Frame (~5,000 gal)
    Model 637 1,000GPH Pump w/ type 'A' Cartridge filter

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    Re: Auto vacs - Kreepy Krawly, Aquabug, Diver Dave, etc.

    I've got an Aqua Bug, and it does a decent job at cleaning the bottom of the pool. I got it when I had the pool installed (came as part of the package).
    24' x 52" AGP - approx 13,500 gallons
    Pentair Optiflo 1 hp/2sp pump w/ Swimpro Voyager 150 sq ft cartridge filter
    Intex 8110 SWCG
    "Fear the Schnauz!"

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    Re: Auto vacs - Kreepy Krawly, Aquabug, Diver Dave, etc.

    We have a Pentair E-Z vac, which I've been really pleased with.
    15X30 AGP, Lomart beaded liner;
    1.5 HP Sta-Rite pump with 21 inch sand filter (Zeobrite media)
    Mineral Springs (Aquatrol) SWCG, Rigid PVC plumbing, 2 inch
    Four 4X12 Techno-Solis solar panels, rack mounted, Goldline Solar Controller

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    Re: Auto vacs - Kreepy Krawly, Aquabug, Diver Dave, etc.

    I'm generally opposed to suction side cleaners, but I like the Polaris 340/ATV. It lacks the simplicity of a lot of suction side cleaners, but it does a better job and helps circulation.

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    Re: Auto vacs - Kreepy Krawly, Aquabug, Diver Dave, etc.

    I used a Hayward for 5 years. I leave mine in the pool 24x7 all year (we don't close them). OK I take it out when swimming, but other than that it is in, running when the pump runs. Now I have a "thepoolcleaner" 4 wheeler.

    Hayward cleaned really good, and was very thorough. I had to replace the wings every year ($15.00) and the shoes twice ($8.00 each time) in the 5 years I used it. Then it started slowing down. Was going to take more in parts to fix it than it was worth, and close to what a new one cost. The dealer looked at it and wanted more to fix it than I could uy it online for. Other than sticks, acorns and medium to large leaves, it did a excellent job.

    My current "thepoolcleaner" was cheaper to buy (I got a new one for $200 on clearance). It does a pretty good job, not quite as good as the Hayward (takes longer to cover the whole pool), but still not too bad. It handles acorns, small twigs and medium leaves with no problems. I had to replace all 4 tires after a year and half, and best price was $60.00 for the set. Not real happy about that. It also does not climb the walls as good as the Hayward, but climbs them far enough (up the curve, just the vertical) so since you should brush every so often anyway, does not seem to be an issue. Also this seems to operate on less suction than the Hayward required. Not vast amounts of difference, but a difference non the less.

    I've been happy with both of them, they pretty much stay in the pool and just do their job.
    I also have a dedicated suction port so they do not take over the skimmer either.
    30,000 Gallons, Hayward C5030 cartridge filter, IG, Plaster, SWG

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