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Thread: Swimming lessons for kids

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    Swimming lessons for kids

    I was thinking of sending my kids to lessons. I was wondering how many of you out there have sent your kids to lessons or if you have home taught, and what the feedback is. Thank you all in advance.
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    Actually taught my youngest one when he was 2, in a few hours. The middle one took a bit longer. My eldest, even longer... they weren't as fearless as the youngest. They are all about 2 years apart...
    12, 14 and 16 now though. All swimming like fish!
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    My six year old learned last year at home, she cannot touch the bottom, but this year and last year has been swimming around on her own quite well. My oldest, 11 now, can also swim, learning at home. We did do the infant swim lessons with her though, which is really cool. I am tempted to do that with the newborn we have now.

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    My two-year old just hit the fearless stage in the pool which keeps us pretty nervous. We stay right on top of him right now because he wants to do everything that you don't want him to do like jump off the side, stand up on pool floats, and any other dangerous stunt he can think of. I'm glad that he is turning into a little waterbug but it would be nice if he could slow the pace just a bit; you know like learn to tread water before you jump in over your head. I know, it doesn't work like that with kids.

    We are sending him to a swim teacher that is supposed to be very good but she doesn't take kids until they are 3 years old so we will go this season with training at home. Although he may be a frog by then, we both feel that it will be beneficial because this teacher also teaches the kids other things like basic rescue actions and safe practices in the pool. Although I can teach him alot, I feel safer knowing that he's getting the textbook training by a professional in a structured environment.

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    In our area, we have many choices as far as lessons are concerned. If you have enough kids around your neighborhood, you could schedule lessons at your own pool. I worked out a deal with the instructor to where both of my kids lessons were free of charge based on the number of kids that came for lessons. You set a schedule suitable to everyone. It really worked out well.

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    Our school offerred lessons and we had our boys attend each year, even though we had a pool, I felt good about it and it was kind of a social event for them to swim with friends in town.

    For those not attending lessons (even those who have) and are younger, the life vest was always there and required attire for little swimmers.
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    I think it's real important they learn to swim.
    I don't think it's real important from whom they learn.

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    Here's my daughter a few weeks ago. She turned 5 today. I still sent her to lessons. She was valedictorian of the 4 and 5 year old swim class

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    hey, no running by the pool!!

    What a little fish! If she did not have those legs to run on, I would insist she was a mermaid! 8)

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    My 3 Yr old daughter took lessons at the Y. It really helped her have no fear of the water . So much so it was actually bad until she decided to go in our pool without her swim belt and got a mouth full of water. Not that I like to see my daughter get hurt but it was actually a good thing to give her some respect for the water.

    I plan on getting a private instructor to the house like divinkd101. I felt the Y was good to give her some confidence, but not enough one on one attention. It was more of a get used to water class.

    Me and the wife reinforce the swimming lessons ourselves.

    BTW, the swim belt at the Y, and sold by one of the instructors, is by far the best flotation device to teach a kid to swim. Only about $10 too!
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    We were going to do the lessons this year for our 4 year old, and then she just up and started swimming. One day she was afraid of the water and the next she loved it.

    She only likes to swim underwater though. We are working to get her to swim with her head above water more.
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    it's not all that hard to teach a kid at home, especially if he likes being in the water, but..... lessons never hurt and can only make him a better swimmer, teach him some proper swimming form and make him even more comfortable in the water.
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    I started both my kids with "official" lessons at age 4, the minimum for the program (sans parents)

    However, they were exposed to our pool and that of families from age 1, floaties & belt combo at age 2, floaties (wings) age 3 and by age 5/6 they were swimming with no assistance even tho they couldn't touch the bottom. The classes have a magic way of helping them understand how to tread water and hold their breath, and not to fear the water...I think it depends on the teacher. One session we had a 16yold who taught virtually nothing.
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    Our local YMCA offers a Backyard Pool Program, where they'll come and give you lessons in your own pool. You don't have to be a YMCA member for this program (although members get a lower rate), and it was one price for up to 6 students. I signed my kids up, and my SIL brought her two kids over for the lessons. They had a total of 8 half-hour lessons over two weeks (Mon-Thurs; they keep Fridays open as a rain date), and I'm really glad we did it. My daughter, who is 7, now jumps off the diving board, can swim across the pool, and can swim down to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve things, none of which she could do earlier without a swim vest. My boys had previous swimming lessons, but this gave them a refresher, and they're much better in the water now.
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